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Instantly view the lowest Connecticut auto and health insurance prices. We help Ct drivers and residents shop and purchase the most affordable auto, home and medical insurance plans from the very best companies in the state. Regardless of whether you are currently insured, without coverage, an individual, family, or self employed, we  save you time and money  by showing you the best offers from the top-rated companies.

It’s fast and easy to receive your free quotes at the top of the page. If you need to enroll in Access Health Ct (Exchange Marketplace), you may qualify for a federal subsidy that can potentially save you thousands of dollars every year. We will help you apply for the most affordable plan for your specific needs. If you missed Open Enrollment, you may still be eligible for subsidized and unsubsidized coverage.

Get The Lowest Prices

The online rates you view on our website our updated daily to insure accuracy and we carefully choose the most reputable companies that are able to provide the most competitive rate. For example, prices in Hartford or Waterbury may be much different than Bristol or New Haven. For that reason, we take the time to ensure that the quotes you view are specifically designed to find the lowest options in your area. Your zip code and/or your county may determine the amount you pay.

The best deals are not always easy to find, but we’ll research all of the options for you and help you learn to shop. You can safely purchase a policy online from a reputable insurer. And after we find the right policy  for you, we’ll always be available to assist when needed. Whether you need help with a claim, a bill, or lowering your premium, a live person will help.

Whether you prefer the state minimum liability limits (enforced by the Connecticut Department Of Motor Vehicles), or much higher bodily injury and property damage coverage, we show you the best customized quote options based on the vehicles you drive, and the most affordable carrier rates in your area.

Car And Health Insurance Rates – What A Combination!

Yes, it is a bit unique but both types of coverage are the most frequently-shopped type of plans. Although there are many similarities, such as a wide selection of available companies and benefits to choose from, there are two major differences. Healthcare plans are eligible for large federal subsidies that can pay most or all of the premium. Also, most medical policies are guaranteed to be approved, as opposed to having an underwriter review your application before issuing the policy.

We also offer many tips on our website that are designed to maximize your savings on any vehicle you drive. Through discounts and money-saving recommendations, we’ll help you drive safely, but pay less for your collision, comprehensive and liability coverages. And if you apply for a policy, you can choose to buy coverage directly through the carrier or use a broker without paying any fees. The choice is yours!


Find Cheap CT Car Insurance Online

Many carriers offer discounts if you insure more than one line of business with them. Also, most companies feature cost reductions if your auto and home is insured together. “Defensive driver” reductions are also very popular. And there are a few other companies that will lower your premium if you have other associated products, such as life, health, disability or long-term care coverage.

Of course, the “bundling” of plans should only be considered if it is less expensive than buying policies from different providers. We’ll be happy to help determine which method is the best for you. If separating contracts leads to increased savings and more benefits, we will show you the specifics.

Health insurance rates in Connecticut are regulated by the Department of Insurance, which helps keep many policy costs down and also allows consumers to freely shop for the best healthcare plans at the lowest available premium. We make it easy for you to compare the top PPO, HMO and HSA medical plans at the best prices offered.

The quotes are always accurate and you can easily purchase coverage online or request that an application be faxed or mailed to you. Underwriting guidelines are different among each company, unless you are enrolling for a Marketplace plan. We can help you find which policy best matches the benefits you need and make sure you’re earning any applicable discounts.

Best Companies

The top health insurance companies in Connecticut are UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Cigna, HealthyCT,  and ConnectCare. Although there are several other carriers that offer coverage, these companies usually provide very affordable rates for most of their high-deductible, copay or short-term plans. You can compare the most competitive offers through our website, whether you are currently insured or just trying to replace your existing policy.

NOTE: Not all companies offer every Metal-tier (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) plan. For example, in all counties, only ConnectCare offers a Platinum option (No deductible and $10 primary care physician office visit copay).

UnitedHealthcare’s “Plan 100″ and the Anthem BCBS “Smartsense” plans are two of Connecticut’s better healthcare bargains for individuals or persons that want to enjoy great benefits, but don’t want to pay too much for their coverage. There are also hundreds of other plan options that may be more suited for you.

Access Health Ct Rates

The CT Health Insurance Exchange (Access Health Ct) offers guaranteed medical plans  including pre-existing conditions. By enrolling in a Marketplace plan, you’ll receive comprehensive coverage, including 10 “essential health benefits.”  The new federal subsidy is available if your household income falls between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty level. It is also possible you may qualify for Medicaid under enhanced eligibility guidelines.

Open Enrollment allows you to purchase a policy without answering any medical questions. Four “Metal” options (along with catastrophic plans) are offered with different deductibles, copays and defined out-of-pocket limits. Once the Open Enrollment period has expired, CT residents can continue to apply for coverage through “special enrollment” situations. Other cheaper, but limited options are also available.

Our information is free and the expert resources on the website are designed to help you find and compare the best available car and health insurance rates in Connecticut.

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