Affordable Connecticut Personal Health Insurance Rates

Affordable Connecticut personal health insurance plans for 2015 and 2016 are available with an easy online enrollment. We  provide the lowest available direct individual and family medical insurance rates in Connecticut. Both Access Health Ct Marketplace and off-Exchange options are available. It’s very easy to compare multiple companies and enroll  for coverage. You can apply online for a policy and get coverage in 10 minutes.

The best prices are provided from top carriers such as HealthyCT (HCT), Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, UnitedHealthOne, and ConnectCare. Each of these companies offers many low cost policies to both individuals and families. High deductible, copay, temporary short-term and Health Savings Account (HSA) plans are offered by carriers on and off the Marketplace.  Rates can be easily viewed by providing your zip code. NOTE: Non-compliant plans are not eligible for federal subsidies.

What Are The Cheapest Connecticut Individual Health Insurance Plans?

Excluding “Short-Term options, generally, Bronze-Tier policies are the least expensive, since they have the largest deductibles and potentially the highest out-of-pocket maximums. Since these plans are eligible for federal tax subsidies,  premiums can substantially reduce, depending on the size of your family and the household income (Modified Adjusted Gross Income). Cheap catastrophic health insurance in Connecticut remains very popular for healthy households.

Listed below are the cheapest available Bronze-Tier options:

Select HSA (ConnectiCare) – $6,000 deductible and HSA-eligible. Maximum out-of-pocket expense of $6,400 and no coinsurance.

Basic HSA1 (HealthyCT) – $4,600 deductible with 40% coinsurance. Also HSA-eligible.

Basic Standard (HealthCT) – $5,000 deductible with 40% coinsurance. $40 and $50 copays on PCP and specialist visits.

Standard (ConnectiCare) – Similar benefits to prior plan.

Pathway X Enhanced 0% For HSA (Anthem) – $6,200 deductible and HSA-eligible. $6,450  maximum out-of-pocket expense.

Choice Plus HSA (UnitedHealthcare) – $4,600 deductible and HSA-eligible. 40% coinsurance.

Connecticut Medical Plans Online

Qualified Exchange Health Insurance Applications Are Guaranteed To Be Approved



How Do You Apply For A Connecticut  Insurance Policy?

The process is quick and painless. After you have entered your zip code in the box at the top of the page, you will be asked a few questions. From the information you provide, shortly, you’ll be presented with rate and coverage information from the top companies. You can pick out the plan that best fits your needs or you can utilize live assistance. There are quite a few policy options, but we’ll do everything possible to help point you towards the most affordable medical plans with the best benefits.

Your application usually can be completed through email, regular mail, fax or online. There are a few companies that aren’t as flexible and may require fax or email only. Payments do not necessarily have to be submitted with the application, but it does depend on which Connecticut company is used. Upon approval, you will have the option to accept or reject the offer.

If you qualify for an instant Affordable Care Act tax credit, you may be asked to show proof of income, although the requests are often random. The Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS) will send you an automated email and letter with approximately 60-90 days to furnish limited documentation.

Important Note: Once Open Enrollment has ended, an SEP (Special Enrollment Period) exception may be needed to apply for Marketplace policies. However, if you don’t qualify for an exception, other options are available, although federal tax credits will not be applied to the premium.

When Is Open Enrollment In Connecticut?

For a 2016 effective date, the official Open Enrollment period begins on November 1st 2015 and ends on January 31st, 2016. During that period,  you can easily apply for government-subsidized or unsubsidized coverage. The subsidy is provided as an instant tax credit that immediately reduces your premium. Special Enrollment Periods (previously mentioned) provide exemptions throughout the year.

The Medicare OE period is different, and begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th (2015). Fee-For-Service or Managed Care coverage is available.  To enroll, you must be age 65 or qualify for specific disabilities. There are more than 15 Social Security offices where you can apply. Some of the locations include Bridgeport, Bristol, New Haven, New London, Hartford, Middletown, and Waterbury.

NOTE: Medicare plans are not eligible for federal subsidies or instant tax credits that reduce premiums since most of the cost has been paid through previous taxes. Also, like Under-65 coverage, many preventive tests are available at no cost, including pap smear, pelvic exam, mammography, and colorectal cancer screenings, bone mass measurement, prostate cancer exams.

CT Open Enrollment Dates

An Elephant Won’t Forget Open Enrollment. You Shouldn’t Either!

What Happens If I Miss Open Enrollment Or Forget To Sign Up?

An SEP (Special Enrollment Period) can be established if you have a “qualifying life event.” Some examples include moving to Connecticut from another state, significant changes in household income, marriage, divorce, birth of a child, losing qualified coverage from an employer, and reaching age 26 and not being eligible under a parent’s plan. If you voluntarily terminate coverage, generally you will not qualify for an exception.

Less common situations of SEP exceptions include “exceptional circumstances” such as an unanticipated hospitalization or temporary disability. Weather can also qualify for an exception if there is an earthquake, flood or hurricane. Also, misrepresentation or misinformation received from a navigator or broker that causes a mistake in plans or subsidies may also qualify. This may include incorrect subsidy calculation, general incompetence, or providing wrong information.

Can I get Medicaid Coverage For My Children?

Since 1997, the HUSKY program has been helping children obtain good coverage at a very low (or no) cost. It provides excellent benefits including preventive, dental, prescription and hospital coverage. Children under age 19 can obtain coverage  that mirrors the Medicaid benefits for adults (HUSKY Part A).

Husky Part B would be more appropriate if you are not a low-income family. You can find more information on their website here. Residents of the state that are either disabled or pregnant may also be eligible. Adults that meet income qualifications can also obtain inexpensive coverage. You can not qualify for both Medicaid and Marketplace benefits.

Some of the most utilized HUSKY benefits are listed below:

Preventative Care

Doctors Visits

Maternity and Women’s Care

Hospital And ER Expenses


Lab Tests And X-Rays

Physical, Occupational, and Speech  Rehabilitation

Dental And Vision

Are Rates Increasing Next Year?

Prices typically increase each year. The magnitude of the increases is the big variable. Below. we have listed the proposed rate increases for 2016 effective dates. Of course, the full increase many not necessarily be approved by the Connecticut Department of Insurance.

Aetna – 5.6%. CT Silver $10 Copay increasing 8.2%.

Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield – 6.7%. Bronze HMO Pathway X Enhanced for HSA increasing 11.08%.

Celtic – 15.9% for Off-Exchange plans.

Cigna – 14.2% for Off-Exchange plans.

Connecticare – 2.0%.  Bronze HSA Standard and Catastrophic plan rates reducing.

Golden Rule – 18.5%. Off-Exchange plans for the UnitedHealthcare subsidiary.

HealthCT – 13.9%. Bronze Basic Standard PPO increasing less than 11%.

UnitedHealthcare – 12.4%.  However, off-Exchange plan increase is 32.9%. Platinum Copay Select Choice rising more than 40%.


September 2015 – Less than 20% of Medicaid-eligible residents this month have signed up for coverage. Low-income households still have until the end of the month to enroll. Although prices are fairly cheap, many persons still find the cost to be unaffordable.

A family of four with approximate household income of $36,000 will qualify. This represents about 155% of the FPL (Federal Poverty Level). HUSKY, Connetictut’s Medicaid program, impacts about 20,000 adults. Recent reductions have impacted the number of persons who are eligible for benefits in 2015 and 2016. Women who are pregnant receive an exemption and bypass the new cuts.

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