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Bridgeport car insurance rates are very affordable. We make it easy to shop and compare the cheapest prices in Connecticut for your automobiles. Whether you live in Fairfield County, or the surrounding area, you don’t have to pay high costs.

Cheap policies are available from many of the major companies such as Progressive, Geico, Farmers, USAA, Nationwide, Unitrin,  and Amica. We specialize in finding Connecticut consumers the best available offers  from the most respected carriers. We charge no fees and have three decades of experience in the business. Both  full coverage and liability (only) policies are available  to preferred and high-risk drivers.

Typically, Bridgeport rates are very competitive compared to other parts of the state. Possible reasons include, of course, fewer accidents per driver, lower average speed limits, and less fire and theft claims than other major cities. It’s possible that you may be able to save 20%-40% on your  premiums, depending on which company currently insures you. Naturally, your age, driving record, and type of vehicle you operate will impact what you pay. Excellent credit will reduce rates with most carriers.

Like any city, the price you pay in a particular city can be quite different than the premium in another part of the state. Also, not every company uses the same underwriting guidelines. For example, two nearly-identical persons could pay a vastly different premium simply because of the vehicle they drive. Fairfield County often features some of the most attractive pricing in the state. Nearby New Haven and Litchfield Counties also have very competitive options.

The Impact Of Different Vehicles And Female Drivers

One carrier may have great rates on SUVs, while another carrier offers unbeatable prices on sports cars. We help you find the right “niche” for your profile so you can easily identify the most affordable options. It’s a big money-saver. Often, the vehicle ID number (VIN) helps determine how inexpensive (or costly) your policy will be. Information provided from the Highway Loss Data Institute keeps track of losses from claims, and which vehicles are likely generate the highest repair expenses.

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Low Cost Car Insurance Rates In Bridgeport Are Available

Another factor helping rates are the percentage of female drivers in the area. Unlike many other parts of the state, there are actually more licensed female drivers in the area than male drivers. And of course, since female rates are lower, insurers pass those savings on to their customers. And for youthful female drivers, the difference is larger.

Bridgeport demographics also show that there is a high percentage of drivers between 35 and 45, which are usually “safe” ages. This age group typically has  less claims than most other age groups and thus, the more persons that fit the profile that are in the area, the lower rates are for everyone.

Although costs are fairly low (roughly $200 per month), especially compared to the Hartford area, many other cities in Connecticut do feature lower premiums. For example, cities in the state with lower premiums include Danbury, Norwalk, Bristol, New Haven and Waterbury. For most areas, however, rates this year have slightly declined from 2010 levels. Although there is no accurate way to project vehicle premiums in the future, it appears that there won’t be any major increases in most of the state.

Early in 2011, Connecticut and New York became very proactive in finding drivers that were using cell phones while operating a vehicle. Of course, it is illegal to use a hand-held phone while driving in the state (since 2005). More than 7,000 drivers (since 2010) have received citations and perhaps this increased attention is ultimately helping reduce car insurance rates. There also may be other changes in the law that will help bring down costs. We will keep you updated on this website.

What We Do

We work with you to find affordable insurance coverage in Bridgeport and any other city. We carefully choose which auto insurance carriers we do business with, and we will take ample time to make sure your quote is the lowest available cost you can get. And of course, there are never any fees that you would ever pay.

When we say “compare and save” at the top of the page, we really mean it! Our customers are rewarded by taking only a few minutes and shopping different carriers. Although not every time, but many times it results in substantial savings.

Latest News:

October 2015 -  AAA Northeast has offices in Connecticut and surrounding states. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety concluded a study that distractions caused by using the “hands-free” feature of cellphones can often last as much as 27 seconds. And that’s plenty of time to directly or contribute to causing an at-fault accident.

Despite your hands and eyes where they should be (wheel and the road), the reaction time is still impacted after the call has been completed. Of course during the call, the risk is the highest. The Mazda 6 had  the worst cognitive distraction time of the 10 vehicles that were tested. The Chevrolet Equinox rated as the best.

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