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Connecticut auto insurance rates are very cheap…if you know where to look. We show you the easiest way to find  the lowest CT car prices online. There are thousands of  drivers searching every day to find the best prices online. One of the keys to finding the most affordable offers is to compare what you pay to at least three other top companies. Rates change often, and although you may not realize it, you be overpaying for your coverage.

We provide a much more accurate idea on what liability limits and deductibles are the most cost-effective,  and how much money you can potentially save. The online quotes we provide are always free, and we update our pricing software each day. Common factors that impact your premium include your age, your driving record, the type of vehicles you own, where you live, and your requested liability limits and deductibles. Credit scores and current hourly labor rates for vehicle repair can also affect your premium.

Your Current Premium

It is customary for a policyholder to choose a carrier and stay with the same company for many years. Meanwhile, rates have been increasing (perhaps substantially), and the quality of the coverage and customer service may have changed. The company that was the best fit for you 10 years ago may now be one of the most expensive insurers in the state! And sometimes, even if you only have been with a carrier for a year or so, you may have noticed how quickly premiums increased.

There are, of course, good times and bad times to shop around for coverage on your vehicles. As we have mentioned throughout this website, if you just received a ticket or were involved in an accident that was your fault, the timing may not be right. It may take a few months (or longer) before it’s a better time to shop. It’s also possible that other factors (such as credit or number of youthful drivers in the household) may play a role in determining the best time to compare prices. In less than two minutes, we can review your “Quote Timing” score, and determine if it is the most appropriate time to shop.

Auto Claims In CT

When Is The Best Time To File Claim?

Impact Of Claims And Violations

Likewise, if you submitted multiple comprehensive claims (fire, theft, vandalism etc…), once again, it may not be the most opportune time to try to change carriers.  By delaying your change for another 12-18 months, you may save up to 50%, and possibly more. But we can advise you, so you always are well-informed.

CT high risk coverage is also available if you recently received a renewal notice with a sharp price increase because of numerous claims. Although at-fault accidents wreak the most havoc on your rates, sometimes it’s simply the loss of discounts, as opposed to addition of surcharges that hurts the most. And often, the big increase occurs  more than six months after the activity. Let’s explain this:

Insurers can increase premiums in three ways. Add a surcharge, an approved rate increase, or removal of a discount. The third way, although often not noticed and fairly discreet, can still pack a wallop in your premium. For example, you may be receiving a combination of  “good-driver,” “preferred,” and “no claim submission” discounts. Together, the savings can be quite large. All price increases must be approved by the Connecticut Department of Insurance. You can view the requested increase along with the decision made by the DOI.

An at-fault accident (not with all companies), could remove these discounts without actually “surcharging your premium. The net result? Perhaps a hefty increase of 20%-35%. So although you may have avoided an increase for that specific accident, the rate jumped. See what we mean?

We Review So You Save

Compare the lowest auto insurance prices in Connecticut and reduce your current premium by up to 45%.  We review rates from all companies, so you can easily find the best offers for your vehicles. Whether you are a preferred driver, high-risk driver, Senior, or a teenager that just got their license, we handle the online shopping so you save. If a carrier requests a price change (which must be approved by the DOI), we research the request, and publicly provide details so consumers are aware of future rate changes. Often, the requested increase (or decrease) is not totally approved. Partial rate increases and decreases are often granted instead.

We understand the concerns of local residents and that’s why we take the time to review your deductibles, liability limits, policy riders and availability of specific discounts. Whether you live in Hartford, New London, Bridgeport, New London, or any other part of the state, we customize your local options to maximize your savings, and meet your coverage and budget needs.Typically, we will make several recommendations.

Although a single carrier may offer the most competitive premiums in your county, it’s still cost-effective to view offers from multiple companies. Several carries utilize a zip code rating, so it is possible that two households in the same county, may actually pay different rates.

36 Years Of Experience Helping Customers Save Money

Unlike many other websites or brokers, we understand Connecticut auto insurance rates and know what companies will provide you with the best coverage at the lowest possible cost. And if there’s an additional discount that will lower your premium, we’ll make sure you’re getting it. A student with good grades, a factory-installed alarm system, a retired Senior, or reducing the number of miles you drive, will typically lower your premium.

Your Free Quotes

The form that is used to provide your free quote (at the top of the page where you enter your zip code), asks a minimum number of questions (unlike many other websites that ask more than 25 questions) and is designed to get your information to you as quickly as possible. We don’t need private information such as your social security number or driver’s license number. If you actually apply for coverage, it can be requested at that time.

Same day coverage is available, along with low down-payments and SR-22 Bonds to get back a license that has been suspended. If you have specialty vehicles, such as classic or antique cars, we can show you the best type of coverage and which carriers offer the best packages.

Auto insurance rates in Connecticut will probably continue to increase in the future. However, whether you are an existing client, or a visitor to our website, we’ll continue to provide the lowest available options offered by each company. Our  quoting process is extremely quick and you may save a substantial amount of money. To easily view your rates, simply click on the “Get Free Quotes” button at the top of the page. Of course, there are never any fees or obligation.

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