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Connecticut car insurance companies provide affordable coverage for drivers and vehicles in the Husky state. There are many reputable options for insuring your car or truck, and we research and compare all options so you can pay less for your coverage. Some of the most competitive  companies in Connecticut are Progressive, Esurance, Unitrin, Liberty Mutual, St. Paul, Nationwide, State Farm, Allstate, and Geico. Of course, there are other carriers that offer low-cost premiums in many parts of the state, and most include a discount if they also insure your home and/or boat.

We have summarized below the companies in the state that offer a combination of competitive pricing, prompt customer service, and policies that meet today’s updated demands and changes for your vehicles. When requesting a free quote from our website, it’s important to understand that not all of these companies will be the perfect fit for your situation. We take the time to look at many factors to determine which company is best for you.

Progressive insurance, although based in Ohio, is very popular in the state. Perhaps it’s the catchy commercials or the great radio ads, but more than likely their popularity comes from providing great rates and excellent service. They’re not always the least expensive option for your vehicles, but it’s wise to compare their cost to your current policy at least once every five years.

They also offer commercial policy options and were one of the original pioneers of  “usage-based” coverage, which calculates your premium based on your driving habits and how often your vehicles are used. The “Snapshot” electronic device attaches to your onboard diagnostic port under the steering wheel. It can be removed at any time and there is no cost of implementation. For most drivers, savings of 2%-15% result when the device is utilized.

Allstate has good hands, at least according to their commercials!  They’re the third biggest writer of policies in the state, and are well-represented with agent and claims offices conveniently located in most areas. As a publicly-traded company, ratings are closely-monitored and the results are impressive.

Their current ratings include an A+ from A.M. Best Co., AA- from Standard & Poors, and an Aa3 from Moody’s Investor Service. Recently, they have increased  the availability of their online tools, and joined forces with Esurance, mentioned below. But their prices are different, and the types of coverage and rider options also vary between the two carriers.

Esurance is now part of Allstate. It’s an interesting combination of local neighborhood office locations with a strong internet presence. Originating online in 1999, it has grown into one of the top online carriers. You can print ID cards, pay premiums and  contact customer service representative online. And of course, just as importantly, their rates  are very competitive.  Although most transactions are handled online, you can easily speak to a live person.

They are also available via fax or email. As previously mentioned, Allstate is their owner and based on the amount of money they paid for Esurance, they’re keeping a close watch to make sure the online operation (including the claims process) runs smoothly. With faster and more reliable internet speeds, popularity of online sales is growing.

Unitrin is not as widely recognized as many other auto companies. But they write a fair amount of policies in Connecticut and are actually part of Kemper Corporation.  And just like Esurance, consumers purchase their Ct coverage online, instead of through a local office. Signatures are signed electronically and customer service requests are handled online, via email or by phone. Brokers are not involved, so all correspondence must is directly through their service centers.

Unitrin’s rates are fairly low in portions of the state, although traditionally, they are not going to offer the lowest premiums in the industry. Since they only offer policies in about half of the states, you may have to change companies, depending on if/where you move. If you are not planning on moving out-of-state, then this is a non-issue. For instance, although nearby states New York and New Jersey offer coverage, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont do not.

Connecticut Auto Insurance Carriers

Car Insurance Companies In Connecticut Protect You

State Farm is of course, always there! But…how good are their rates? Actually, pretty good. And the longer you’re insured with them, the better and more competitive their prices seem to become. They do most of their business through a neighborhood agent as opposed to online. And they still utilize drive-in claims service centers in some areas.

State Farm, like most companies, offers a wide range of discounts that can make a big difference in your rates. In addition to the typical multi-policy, multi-car and 55 and retired discounts, a unique “Steer Clear” reduction is available.  If you’re under 25 and have a clean MVR, completing the program (video and paperwork) will lower the premium.

Geico (Berkshire Hathaway) has come a long way since the days when they only offered policies to government employees. Not only do they (along with Progressive) have the best commercials among insurers, but their quoting process seems to be less time-consuming than many other carriers.

And of course, you don’t want to spend too much time on obtaining the pricing. You’ll find that our website does not ask many questions during the quoting process, so you can view your best options much quicker. And you might even get an autographed picture of Warren Buffett!

Geico rates in Ct. are solid and they have an attractive package of policy options. There’s a wide array of deductibles and their “wait time” on a consumer service request is very low. They are definitely one of the companies to consider for covering your vehicles. They also are very quick when handling claims.

Plymouth Rock offers policies in Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Just formed by an ex-insurance commissioner from Massachusetts,  in 1982, they now manage more than $1 billion dollars in combined auto and home premiums. Other  affiliated companies include Pilgrim, Mt. Washington Assurance, and Plymouth Rick Management Company (New Jersey).

A “Motor Club” and “Over 60″ discount help premiums in the state. Also, if you are a member of CPTV or WNPR, a special group pricing will apply. You are required to contribute $40 per year ($only $25 if you are a senior). AARP members also  receive a discounted rate.

St. Paul Travelers actually represents the takeover/merger of St. Paul and Travelers in 2004. They have an “A” rating with the State Better Business Bureau and one of the lowest “complaint ratios” of any major carrier. This ratio is based on the number of complaints filed compared to the total number of policies that are in force.

With offices in Hartford and Enfield, they serve the entire state. Recently, a new policy was developed (Quantum Auto 2.0) that will pay a lower broker compensation, with some of the savings aimed at reducing the price. Comparative rating technology also is being enhanced, which aids in the quoting process. Customers will be able to quickly determine if there is enough savings to warrant a change.

CT Nationwide Car Prices

You Can’t Miss The Nationwide Home Office!

Nationwide is another Ohio-based company. They’re one of the nation’s biggest carriers and offer a full range of property and casualty, rental, boating, and off-road policies. They right a fairly significant amount of business in Connecticut (a little more than Hartford, but not as much as Progressive) and are looking to expand market-share.

Accident forgiveness and roadside assistance are two of their most popular optional riders. The vehicle replacement rider, although much more expensive, covers the gap in the difference between replacing your totaled vehicle and the market value.

As a Fortune 500 company, much of their operating income is derived from other financial products, such as mortgages, long-term savings plans, annuities, mutual funds, pensions and other investments. We certainly don’t view this diversification as a negative. Quite the contrary, since it stabilizes their ability to withstand large catastrophic claims. However, utilizing a separate financial adviser for your personal investments is typically preferred.

Liberty Mutual recently celebrated its 100th year of service. And most drivers may not realize that they are the third largest property and casualty writer in the country. They offer a full basket of products and their policies can be purchased online or through independent brokers. Like others, rates will be dependent on many factors, including the area of the state where you live. They also have one of the best discounts for covering both your vehicles and home.

If you’re a teacher, you may be eligible for one of their special program discounts through schools and universities through “Teachers Insurance.” Many alumni organizations can also take advantage of the savings, including Sacred Heart, Hartford and  the University of New Haven. And somewhat related, a “good student” discount is available until age 25, which is longer than many other carriers.


We didn’t review all of the car insurance companies in Connecticut since the list is quite long. However, you should be able to easily compare most (or perhaps all) of the carriers by completing the quote section at the top of the page. Of course, there is no cost or obligation.


November  2014The Boston Globe  today named Plymouth Rock as  one of the “best places to work.”  Although their home office is in Massachusetts, they offer coverage to CT residents. They are also rated “A-” by A.M. Best Company and continue to gain market-share in the area.

January  2015 – Although not auto-insurance related, we feel it’s important enough to discuss. State Representative Brenda Kupchick (Fairfield) would like to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for insurers to request dog breed information when applying for homeowner’s insurance. Thus, owners of Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and other sometimes-vicious breeds would not be declined or asked to pay a higher premium.

“Bully breeds” annually account for a significant amount of home insurance claims. Since rates are higher for persons that own these types of breeds, if legislation is passed, it is expected that everyone’s rates will increase.

July 2015 -  “Prime” has been introduced by Plymouth Rock Assurance,  who writes policies in Connecticut, and neighboring  Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  The new system will increase online functionality, and allow both policyholders and brokers to better customize coverage.  Also, quotes will be available from several competing companies…similar to the system Progressive utilizes.

August 2015 – Progressive is giving away four vehicles to veterans in Connecticut. It’s part of their “Keys To Progress” program that provides vehicles to veterans that need financial assistance. Cars and trucks that have been involved in previous claims are repaired or refurbished, and subsequently donated. The program is country-wide and local service stations that are participating are located in New Haven and Hartford.

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