Connecticut Short Term Health Insurance Rates And Plans

Connecticut short term health insurance plans are extremely affordable and are the perfect fit for families or individuals that need medical benefits for less than 12 months, and want to pay low rates. Temporary policies are mostly used in situations where you are not working (perhaps for a few months), have lost your job, have just graduated from college or another school, or simply want cheap medical benefits for a limited amount of time.

It’s perhaps the best choice when you have a gap to fill and need to bridge that time period quickly. No physicals are required and policies can be terminated by you at any time.

Although these types of plans are ideal for many situations (including the ones mentioned above), pre-existing conditions are often not covered, since the provisions of the Affordable Care Act legislation do not apply. Also not included are the 10 “Essential Health Benefits,” that are mandatory on Marketplace plans.  And, regardless of household income, federal subsidies can not be used to help pay the premium.


Dependents will often take advantage of this type of plan. If you are suddenly not eligible for the policy you have been previously covered on (perhaps you are dropping off a parent’s plan), you can buy some extra time with temporary coverage. Your status may change in a few months and then you can return back to that prior policy. NOTE: If you are suddenly ineligible for Medicaid benefits, you may be able to qualify for a subsidized Exchange plan. Also, dependents covered on a parent’s policy that reach age 26, will be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

Since the cost is very nominal for younger persons, often it is the best option if Open Enrollment is missed and an SEP (Special Enrollment Period) is not offered. If group coverage through an employer or parent is not found before the end of the calendar year,  a guaranteed policy can be purchased during the following Open Enrollment. Although you may elect to re-apply for additional temporary coverage, comparison of all options is recommended.

Waiting For New Group Coverage To Begin

Another popular use of this type of contract is when you have accepted a new employment position. It may take anywhere from 14-90 days to approve (or longer). So purchasing a cheap stopgap type of policy will give you quick protection against large medical claims. Although lifetime benefits are not unlimited like most other plans, usually the stated amounts of $500,000 to $2 million are sufficient. You can also pay online to expedite the application process.

NOTE: While you are waiting for your new employer-sponsored benefits to begin, if you had immediate prior coverage that was terminated (not voluntarily by you), you may be eligible for an SEP  that allows you to easily enroll in a Marketplace plan.

Find cheap temporary health care Ct.

Cheap Short Term Insurance In CT Is Available

Temporary coverage can be purchased from many of the large insurers in the state. We quickly help you find the lowest rate so you can apply for coverage and get covered. The “Quote” section near the top of this page provides an easy method to view and compare your best choices and secure a policy as quickly as possible. Long-term plan information can be found here. We show you options that will keep you from having a lapse in benefits.

If you can not qualify for benefits from any of the carriers, the Medicaid or HUSKY options may be helpful, depending on your age and a few other factors.

Since temporary plans are very flexible, you can cancel coverage very quickly. Thus, if you purchased a 6-month policy and are paying by the month, you are not obligated to keep the policy for the full duration. Completing an application can take less than 15 minutes and often coverage is approved immediately or within a day or so.

Premiums (see two paragraphs below) are very affordable and the questions are very basic. You will not be asked to complete a physical.  And if you’re not a US citizen but are a legal resident of the state, you may be able to qualify for a policy. Approval of a completed and submitted application often takes less than 24 hours.

Cheapest Short-Term Coverage In CT

The CT health insurers that offer the most competitive rates for this type of coverage include UnitedHealthOne, HCC Life and Celtic. Rates will vary depending on many variables including date of birth, zip code, deductible and health conditions. But prices are always less expensive than other types of medical coverage, especially policies that include unlimited office visit benefits. And the difference in premium is very substantial.

The monthly rates illustrated below assume a sample  family (ages 38, 35 and 7) living in New Haven County. Each person has no major medical conditions and HCC Life underwrites the policies.

$194 – $7,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance.

$208 – $7,500 deductible with 20% coinsurance.

$220 – $5,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance.

$239 – $5,000 deductible with 20% coinsurance.

$256 – $2,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance.


If only one person is covered (38 year-old male), premiums substantially reduce (see below):


$85 – $7,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance.

$91 – $7,500 deductible with 20% coinsurance.

$96 – $5,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance.

$104 – $5,000 deductible with 20% coinsurance.

$110 – $2,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance.


Additional Details: On many ST plans, the family deductible equals three times the individual deductible. However , there is no separate drug deductible. Often outpatient prescriptions have less coverage than inpatient prescriptions. Also, although these contracts are not HSA-approved, out-of-network benefits (subject to limitations) is often included with some benefits extending to Canada.

Temporary Medical Plans

Short-Term Plans Are Not Available To Expecting Parents

The  minimum age to apply for coverage is 2. If you are pregnant or an expecting father, coverage will not be approved.  However, you can purchase an Exchange plan during an OE period, or use an SEP exception to provide benefits for the newborn. Naturally, you can not be listed as an insured on another policy and you can not be an active member of the armed services (reserves for less than 30 days is fine).

Pre-existing Conditions And Lifetime Caps

As previously discussed, pre-existing conditions are generally not covered, even if not mentioned on the initial application. However, there will not be many medical questions to answer either on an online or hard-copy application. Since 2014, ANY Exchange policy you apply for has not required any medical questions to be answered. The Health Access Exchange is the state’s doorway to Affordable Care Act policies.

The lifetime benefits cap is typically  $1million, although $2 million is also offered.  Although the “Affordable Care Act” eliminated lifetime maximum caps, short-term plans are exempt from that requirement. Essentially, these policies are designed to be kept on a temporary basis, so benefits will not be identical to other personal or group comprehensive policies.

It is not advisable to keep these plans longer than a year. Most companies will require you to re-apply for a new plan once a current policy has expired. Since you have to prove your insurability, it’s possible that a serious medical condition that arises can keep you from obtaining additional coverage. Minor conditions, such as allergies or headaches, should not cause you to be denied.

Get your free Connecticut short-term quote today. We have created a quote section at the top of the page that makes it easy for you to quickly view, compare and enroll in a temporary health insurance plan.

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