How To Save You Money On Your CT Car And Home Insurance Rates

We help you find the best offers in your area, so you pay less on your car and homeowner’s insurance in Connecticut. By shopping and comparing the  largest and most reputable companies,  we can find the lowest rates quicker, and pass that detailed information to you. So when you apply for a policy, you’ll know which carriers offer the most competitive premiums in your area, and you’ll also be matched with companies that specialize in the type of vehicles you own. For instance, if you drive a high-performance vehicle, there are specific policy options that will feature much more attractive pricing. Also, certain companies will offer cheaper rates to persons that drive less than 7,500 miles per year.

We Review And Shop So You Save

We are Connecticut’s trusted website for providing affordable auto and home coverage. Regardless if you are currently covered or need to immediately buy coverage, we’ll research all of the leading car insurance companies for you. There is no cost for our service and we are committed to providing you with the best available options at the lowest possible rate.

You’ll have the choice of applying directly online or with live help.  The choice is yours. Many customers prefer to handle the process themselves while others would like a broker to assist with the paperwork. Regardless, there are never any charges and free service is only a click or phone call away.

Shop CT Car Insurance

Save Money With Multiple Available Discounts

Through a combination of discounts, experience, constant updating and old fashioned hard work, we’re able to provide such competitive premiums. When considering changing carriers, we always recommend getting at least two quotes. You’ll have no trouble picking from among the best companies such as Progressive, Farmers, Allstate, Hartford, Nationwide, Geico, Liberty Mutual and others.

Each company has different underwriting guidelines and we can help you choose which option will be the most budget-friendly. It’s also important  to consider the reputation of each company. For example, if a specific carrier has a track record of substantially increasing their premium after one year, we’ll let you know in advance so you can avoid them. If we are aware of  an unusually low offer in the area where you live, we’ll discuss that with you. Generally, if a carrier’s prices have been historically high in a specific county, rates will likely remain uncommunicative.

Telematics And Your Car Insurance

One of the recent developments in the industry is the use of “telematics,” which is  a device (often a box) that is similar to GPS. By allowing the insurer to place this in your vehicle, it can better monitor your driving and often you will be offered a lower rate. The device easily and quickly installs in your vehicle, and records basic information, such as how quickly you drive, number of miles drive, how quickly (or slowly) you approach a stop sign, and the time of day/night you operate your automobile.

These devices present a “win-win” situation, since you will  benefit from a rate reduction, but will never be penalized for adverse driving habits. Information is wired to your carrier, who interprets the data. Allstate’s “Drivewise” and Progressive’s Snapshot” programs are two of the most popular devices utilized by major insurers.

Experience Counts!

You’re always working with an experienced broker that knows which company offers the lowest cost for your specific situation. Our typical visitor saves hundreds of dollars per year in premiums by allowing us to provide a personalized quote. We specialize in finding quality coverage from the best available companies in the state that will save you the most money. And we’re also  equally committed to finding the best homeowner’s policy for you. And whether you want cheap coverage or Cadillac coverage, we’ll present the best choices.

Each of our customers is different. We take the time to customize a policy that not only meets the state minimum coverage requirement, but also provides you with the benefits you are most likely to use. It doesn’t matter if you have a clean driving record and perfect credit, or multiple tickets and less-than perfect credit. We’ll find affordable auto coverage for you! And as laws and underwriting guidelines change, we’ll keep you informed so you know what impact it has on your policies.

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