How To Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premium And Save Money

You can reduce your Connecticut car insurance rate. Although prices in the state are fairly high, there are many available discounts and methods that can help lower the amount of premium you pay. Each insurer offers unique discounts and we find them for you. Expert guidance  is also provided so you can easily determine which coverages are the most cost-effective for the vehicles you drive.

We not only provide the lowest available prices , but we also update this website daily to ensure the quotes are accurate and that you are receiving all available discounts from Connecticut insurance companies. You can review specific carrier information here.  By viewing your free quote at the top of the page, you’ll be able to quickly compare rates that are customized to show you the best offers, based on the information you provide. As new discounts become available, we review and discuss the specific details.

Shop And Compare Every Five Years (Or More Often)

One of the most effective methods to reduce costs is to compare rates from other companies at least once every five years. Car insurance costs  can often change quickly and significantly, so allowing us to do the shopping for you, will allow you to view the potential savings from changing companies. And by insuring your auto and homeowner’s coverage with the same carrier, you will save additional dollars. Often, the reduction is as much as 20%-25%. Also, more liberal and favorable underwriting can often result because of the additional lines of business.

A few carriers will allow your children to keep all of the discounts you have accumulated over the years, as long as they remain in your household. Of course, try telling a 25-year old that you want them to live at home so they can enjoy a  rate reduction! NOTE: If the vehicle is titled and registered in a child’s name, it is possible that several of the reductions mentioned will not apply.

CT Car Rates

We Will Find The Lowest CT Car Insurance Prices

Another popular method of reducing your premium is to take advantage of the numerous available discounts. You may not be receiving, or you may not know about many of them. For example, limiting the number of miles you drive, parking a vehicle in an enclosed area, installing a theft-deterrent system, or changing the principal driver status can potentially reduce your premium.

Eliminating Certain Riders Can Save Money

You can also should consider eliminating benefits that you don’t need or are unlikely to use. The combination of unneeded benefits can often cost hundreds of extra dollars per year.

If you have extra  vehicles, you may not need a substitute transportation rider. That may be costing you about $40 per year per car. Often towing is included in the basic policy. However, if you are paying for it, consider dropping the coverage if you have similar benefits through a credit card or a separate contract.

Popular Cost-Cutting Discounts

A “multi-policy” discount (mentioned earlier) will lower your rate if you insure your vehicles and home with the same carrier. The discount is generally 5%-15%, depending on the carrier. Installing anti-theft devices or alarm systems will also reduce your premium.If they are factory-installed, the insurer may be able to recognize them from the VIN. Otherwise, you can submit (fax or email attachment) proof of purchase and installation to receive credit for the discount.

A popular money-saving device is the “Snapshot,” which is offered by Progressive and a few other companies. The concept is simple.  A device is attached to your vehicle that monitors your habits.The OBD-II port is utilized so when you start the vehicle, it recognizes the time of day, where you are going, and provided a detailed analyses of your performance.

It could lead to a tidy savings! If you are a safe driver, you’ll probably save money. If you drive too fast, roll through stop signs, and apply brakes at the last moment, you will probably pay more.

Additional Savings

And of course, the longer you drive without an at-fault accident or moving violation, the larger your “good driver” discount will grow. This also places you in a much better bargaining position if you are considering changing to a different  company.

We highly recommend that you check, and if necessary, repair, your credit ratings before applying for new coverage. Most companies consider credit reports in determining what premium to charge. You can potentially reduce your rate by approximately 15% if you have superior credit ratings. A free annual credit report is available from reputable and reliable companies. If you can get that score to 700 (or improve your current score), you may be rewarded.

For additional information regarding reducing the amount you pay on your auto insurance, please call us or request a free quote. There is never any obligation and we always respect the privacy of your information.

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